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I have made a deviation that shows the prices: Commission Sheet - Paypal and Commission Sheet - dA Points for those who are unable to pay with money :)
Can/Can't do's: Except humans and anthros, I can draw pretty much anything, but my specialty lies in wolves (and other canines) and ponies. 

If you're interested in commissioning me - or if you have any questions in general - just send me a note. :) (Smile) 

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In Loving Memory by Nafsi-chan
In Loving Memory
"... but I can't keep running after yesterday." - Jonh Mayer
My little cousin requested a picture of The Lady in Blue and Little Red, aka Athena and Nerys.

Honestly, I'm quite proud of how this turned out. I am a dummy! 
Finally gave good ol'dead Athena a proper collor pallette.

I guess you could say this is a What If scenario, in which Athena did not die and Nerys grew up in a loving family
oh well
and they lived happily ever after~ Hooray!
.:WoLF:. Sing Us A Song by Nafsi-chan
.:WoLF:. Sing Us A Song


It had been five days since Margo joined Na"em. Coven, the Alpha, had explained to her the inner workings of the pack - their customs, their beliefs, the appropriate behavior of a Na"emmai... Hmm. What an interesting pack. Certaintly, she had never been accustomed to such behavior. Violence was not acceptable? Hah! Where she grew up, violence was an every day occurence. Don't be prideful? Well, that was strange, even for her. If you've done a good work, why shouldn't you take pride in it?

Ah, but she was willing to accept it, all of it, because... because she was tired of being alone, of having no one and nothing to care for, of nowhere to call home. And truthfully, despite their difference from the other packs, Margo rather liked them. They were nice to her and had accepted her for who she was, no matter her flaws. And that was all she needed.

A slow, genuine smile appeared on her face. First things first; she was apparently in need of a Song.

Hey would you look at that?? I finally did an art piece for MArgo! YayI am a dummy! 
No, but seriously I like how this turned out!
Guys, I'm sorry, I couldn't fit everyone into one picture! There are so many wonderful characters to choose from Q _Q I hope you like my interpretation of 'em!

© :iconlilwyverngirl:

© :iconanimefan4eternity23:

Aria © :iconsoyala-silveryst:

Circe © :iconimahungrynacho:

Koza © :iconmechadm:

Icarus © :iconscowliiish:

Margo © me!

Total Antlers: 9
Full Body: +2
Extra Characters: +5
Complex BG: +2

I think this would be a fine choice for Margo's Song. It doesn't have any lyrics, but the music - oh Gawd I love it Heart  It's called Moonsong, composed by Adrian von Ziegler. I say, go check out the rest of his pieces - God knows how many hours I've spent listening to them!Music Music 

Still Waiting by Nafsi-chan
Still Waiting
Companion piece of Still Here.

This time, Noah is the center. I haven't drawn him in ages! Partially because I kinda lost interest in him as a character, but he went thorugh some revisions and sparked my interest again. Good boy. :grumppat: 

Is this supposed to be a romantic sequence? I'm not sure... Nerys and Noah used to be good friends, maybe could have been something more(?), but due to unforseen circumstances, they've been seperated. They do miss each other though. They had a close bond - they were sort of a pack, those two wanderers. 

In case anyone's interested, I know I've been inactive lately and I'm sorry about that. It's not like I've stopped drawing or anything, it's just that I don't upload here. Maybe I really need to start a Tumblr...

Hopefully I'm gonna change that now.

Part of the reason why I don't upload here is because I haven't yet figured out my art style. For the longest of time, I've found that painting the background of a piece is the hardest part! However I've been trying to improve, trying out different styles and stuff to decide which one suits me best and I think I finally got the hang of it.

I'm excited to start again!


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